Do you provide a volume discount?

YES! You can see the volume discounts on each product page.

Where will you ship?

We can ship to any physical address in the United States (no PO boxes please). For shipping to Alaska or Hawaii please contact us for a shipping quote. Customers placing orders with AK or HI shipping destinations through the website without contacting us first will be contacted before your order is finalized.

What are your processes for customization?

At CustomTumbler.com we utilize the latest technology to mark our drinkware. We can customize using one of two processes - LaserMark or SteelPrint. Our LaserMark process produces a premium mark that permanently adheres your logo or design to the surface of the product. The main limitation with LaserMark is that it only produces a black mark, however, we think you'll agree that the black mark on stainless steel produces a great looking product. Our SteelPrint process produces a full color mark directly on the product that is truly unique. It has excellent adhesion to the surface of the cup (it is NOT a sticker that can be pulled off), but does not offer the same extreme durability as the LaserMark process.

Where does the design go and how large can it be?

In general, we try to place the design 180 degrees from the logo on the product (if the product has a logo).

The 30 oz Yeti Rambler has a max printable area of 3.5" wide by 2.75" tall.
The 20 oz Yeti Rambler has a max printable area of 3" wide by 2.5" tall.
The Yeti Colster has a max printable area of 2.5" wide by 2.25" tall.
The Yeti Lowball has a max printable area of 3" wide by 2.5" tall.
The ORCA Chaser has a max printable area of 3.5" wide x 2.75" tall.

Please keep in mind that these are max dimensions. Usually, a logo will look better if it's not stretched to fit the max printable area. We will place your logo on the cup how we think it looks best - unless you tell us exactly what size you want it. If you have more than one version of your logo, providing it in a "stacked" configuration usually looks the best.

Can you mark both sides of an item?

In most cases, yes. Standard pricing includes a mark on one side of the product. Marking on the opposite side as well will incur an additional $8 charge per item. Some items, like the ORCA Chaser, can only be marked on one side because the manufacturer's logo is on the other side.

What type of monograms do you offer?

We offer Round, Diamond, and Vine monograms. After selecting Monogram as your design option on the product page, please type the initials in the text box as you want them to appear. For example, if your initials are PHS and you want the last initial to be in the middle of the monogram as it traditionally is, please enter PSH into the text box. Please also specify the type of monogram by typing in Round, Diamond, or Vine on the next line. Any monograms where a type is not specified will be done in the Round style.

What type of files can you work with / what are your art requirements?

Vector based artwork in .eps, .cdr, .ai, or .pdf formats is always best. We can also work with high resolution bitmap based art in .pdf, .jpg, or .png formats as well, but this may incur an art charge. If your art requires an art charge we will contact you. You may also upload Word files if you would like to show us a particular text layout you like, or Excel files if you wish to submit a list of variable information (if you have a larger order of cups where you want to put a different name on each one, for example). If your order requires multiple file uploads for the same product, please note that in the Special Instructions box and we will contact you so you can e-mail them to us. Keep in mind that if you choose the LaserMark option, then your art will be rendered completely in black.

Can you print logos of professional sports teams or major college teams on my cup?

Due to copyright and trademark laws, we can only do this if you own the rights to use and reproduce these logos. (Generally, the answer to this question is no.)